ERP AnalyTechs has been efficient in cleansing and standardizing our Data.

Clock work precision and adherence to time has helped not only completion of activities on time, but has ensured that others also can plan and carry out their activities.

Large State Government


ERP AnalyTechs has changed our outlook towards managing our data. Improved quality of our data has resulted in faster transactions, reduced process time and helped in faster decision making.

Large Govt Sector Utility


ERP AnalyTechs has harmonized  and standardized data across our diverse  businesses.

Resulting in reduction of Inventory as well as costs, bringing accountability and visibility towards data quality within the entire group.

Large Steel to Oil Major


ERP AnalyTechs has made  our organization look inwards on cutting costs inventory, outsourced services and process time.By integrating data across our plants, visibility has improved, there by identifying areas for improvements in our procurement and assets management processes.

Large Steel Major


When we started working with ERP AnalyTechs on our MM Data, when we were not managing our data effectively. Today all our businesses are satisfied with the results of harmonizing data across business.This has helped us improve our processes ,and identifying areas for improvement.

Large Infra, Power and Cement Major